our team leaders

Dr. Albert Ikpenwa

(Principal Host)
Rector Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu.

Prof. Joseph Ogbonnaya

Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA.

Dr. Humphrey Uchenna Ani

( Director)
Bigard, Enugu, Nigeria

Mr. James Ogbuigbo

Bigard Seminary, Enugu, Nigeria.

Mr. Emmanuel Nwafor

(Archivist and Center manager)
Bigard Seminary, Enugu, Nigeria.

Be attentive, be intelligent, be responsible, be loving, and if necessary, change.
Bernard Lonergan

Lonergan aimed to clarify what occurs in any discipline – science, math, historiography, art, literature, philosophy, theology, or ethics. The need for clarification about methods has been growing over the last few centuries as the world has turned from static mentalities and routines to the ongoing management of change.